1. Do you Install to Manufacturer’s Specifications?

Definitely. Some installers cut corners with their installation in order to reduce costs, skimping on the density of base, pinning or brushing in the sand in-fill on top of the pile. Unfortunately this means the manufacturer’s warranty is voided and reduces the longevity of the product. We don’t cut corners with our installation. Each of our artificial grass installations meet our manufacturers guidelines, which means you receive years of hassle free enjoyment of your synthetic lawn.

2. Is your Synthetic Turf Safe for Kids & Pets?

We guarantee that our turf is free from heavy metals and toxic chemicals. We wouldn’t supply a product that we weren’t personally happy to use for our own families and much loved pets.

The design and installation of our artificial grass means that it complies with “soft fall” requirements around play equipment or areas where kids run. As a result, our artificial grass surface is often safer than traditional play surfaces.

3. Can It Be Installed Over My Existing Lawn?

No. Artificial grass is similar to pavers in that the ground needs to be prepared and all old turf removed either through turf-cutting or spraying.

4. How Do I Maintain Artificial Grass?

Very little maintenance is required. Just sweep off any leaves or gently use a leaf blower. You can hose off any spills or pet messes. Pet solids, you scoop up in the traditional way. To lift the fibres just use a broom to sweep in the opposite direction to your view point.

5. How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

Our artificial grass prices are realistic and competitive. Check out our Instant Quote Calculator for a more detailed quote. Of course, we are also happy to match quotes on any comparable products – so simply drop us a line or call us with your competitor’s quote.

6. Is Your Artificial Grass Suitable for the Australian Climate?

Yes. Our Artificial turf has been designed for Queensland conditions. The yarn is UV stabilised and designed to withstand our heavy summer storms. This means you can be guaranteed of a consistently high-quality product with full local warranty and support for the life of your product.