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Looking for high quality artificial grass that is almost undetectable from the real thing?

Turf Green is based in Capalaba, Brisbane, Queensland Australia. We service Brisbane, Bayside, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. The team have decades of experience as synthetic grass suppliers and installers for childcare centres, schools, courtyards, rooftops, commercial properties and private homes.

Artificial Grass or Synthetic Grass is also known as lawn and turf and was previously known as the brand AstroTurf or fake grass. It’s been shown to be very cost effective vs natural lawn.

Residential Turf Installation

You can save hours of mowing, weeding and watering time and enjoy your weekends again with artificial turf installed at your residential property. Enjoy lower water bills and avoid muddy feet and paws from your furry friends.

We can install turf:

  • Around homes and pools
  • Median strips
  • Apartment rooftop gardens
  • Pet kennels & enclosures
  • Backyard putting greens
  • Backyard tennis courts or cricket wicket

Commercial Turf Installation

We work directly with commercial organisations, landscapers, architects and builders to provide large savings on lawn maintenance and to increase the usable space of the property.

We can install turf at:

  • Sporting clubs
  • Tennis courts, Cricket wickets
  • Centres, Schools & Playgrounds
  • Around office buildings
  • Courtyards, Rooftops
  • Putting greens
  • Marinas, Pools, Wet Areas
  • Commercial Pet kennels & enclosures

DIY Turf

For those property owners who love completing their own do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, Turf Green have a range of recommended DIY grass and accessories to enable you to install the turf yourself.

You can check out our online shop for our product range.

Whether it’s a large commercial project or a small backyard job the team at Turf Green are happy to help.



We understand the value of quality manufactured synthetic turf that will withstand Brisbane and SE QLD’s challenging climate. Recent advances in artificial turf design and manufacture means that it is now almost indistinguishable from natural turf.

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Our Artificial Grass

You can see and feel the difference between our quality products compared to cheaper alternatives in the market. When you are looking for synthetic lawn that looks and feels as near to natural as you can get, and that will last for years, there is no comparison.

Turf Green's quality synthetic turf is great value for money and we will match any comparable product quote.

Synthetic Grass Services

There are modern synthetic lawn options to suit every application, from light residential traffic areas to the hardest punishment that a sporting club or school can dish out. And unlike the old style synthetic turf, you won’t get grazes, scratches or carpet burns from our grass. It is soft underfoot, yet long-wearing.

Synthetic Turf Installation Process

Turf Green has supplied and installed artificial lawn (previously known as the brand AstroTurf or fake grass) in many locations around Brisbane and SE QLD

We start by clearing the existing site and then laying a 65mm bed of porous crusher dust. If the bed requires deeper filling for a smooth finish, we a layer of high quality road base beneath the crusher dust. This is compacted to 50mm to form a level surface, free of dips and hollows.

We then lay the synthetic grass, pinning it in place with galvanised pins to stop rusting, before carefully power brushing up the fibres in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

When correctly installed, the artificial turf looks and feels similar to traditional grass lawn.


Residential and Commercial Artificial Grass Installations by Turf Green

DIY Artificial Grass

Turf Green is proudly Queensland owned and operated. We supply and deliver our range of quality artificial turf and consumables for those keen to do-it-yourself (DIY).

You can check out our Calculator for an estimate on the cost of artificial turf. We deliver all across the Brisbane area, down to the Gold Coast and up to the Sunshine Coast.

Call us or email us for a competitive quote for quality artificial turf in SE QLD.

Artificial Turf vs Natural Turf?

  • Synthetic turf can last for decades.
  • Artificial Turf is super low maintenance. All you need is a broom to periodically lift the pile and to remove any leaf litter that may accumulate.
  • No mowing – no watering – no weeding - no hassle! Get your weekends back with an artificial turf backyard space and feel the freedom!
  • Ideal for high traffic areas or areas where there is extensive shade. It's also the perfect solution where traditional natural turf lawns just won’t grow.
  • Artificial turf is perfect around pool areas or for seaside living. It has great drainage qualities and can help reduce slips and falls on wet surfaces.
  • Our artificial turf range complies with requirements for “soft fall” surfaces when placed around playground equipment or areas where kids play and run about
  • Artificial lawn is drought proof.

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