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Having the perfect grass for your event, exhibition or market stall does not need to be difficult.  Why risk your event’s success due to factors that could be avoided – mud, wet areas, bald patches, weeds and overgrown grass.

Artificial grass is the ideal ground cover for any exhibition or event.  The artificial turf provides picture perfect grass whatever the weather is doing!

Maintaining natural grass is hard work.  Many factors like pests and weather are outside of your control, and then there is the constant weeding, mowing and manicuring to get the perfect turf.  Artificial turf is easy.  Once installed it is almost maintenance free, apart from the occasional rake or blower vac to tidy up.  There is no mowing, no weeding, and no unsightly bald patches or muddy areas.  Artificial turf doesn’t care about sunlight either, you can have perfect grass inside or under trees and you don’t need to worry about watering it every day.

Indoor or outdoor events, both benefit from the addition of artificial grass.  Bring the outside indoors when you incorporate artificial turf to the exhibition, or your outside event will benefit with reliable floor covering that will good for the entire duration.

First Impressions.

First impressions are very important, both on a personal level and also on a business level.  Someone’s first impression can make or break an opportunity, and that first opinion can form in less than 20 seconds!

It is crucial that your guest’s first impression is a good one.

Whether a casual or high-class event, artificial grass will give that awesome first impression.  Apart from looking amazing, when walking on artificial grass there is no debris to cling to shoes, there is no mud or soggy puddles, and no dust or dirt.  Eliminating mud and slipperiness also makes the artificial grass a safer option.


Artificial grass is very versatile, you are only limited by your imagination on the possible uses.  The possibilities are endless …

Children’s playgrounds, golf putting greens, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, manicured lawns, open spaces, schools, animal enclosures, events, exhibitions, indoors or outdoors!


Having to maintain natural grass is a year round expense for event organisers. Think about just some of the costs – mowing, slashing, spraying, patching, watering, fertilising just to start.

With artificial grass it is a one time investment, and event organisers will reap the benefits for years after the turf installation.

Artificial grass is perfect for events, exhibitions and market stalls.

Looking at the pros and cons, why would you not install artificial turf. Give the team at Turf Green a call on 07-3823 2003 or send an email to web@turfgreen.com.au.

We would love to talk to you about artificial grass and show you some samples of what is available.

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