Backyard putting green
A backyard putting green creates endless hours of fun for golf lovers. However, some people steer away from building one due to its maintenance. Most folks will likely opt for artificial grass over the natural one. The reason is quite simple — artificial grass is easy to maintain, while lots of effort goes into maintaining natural grass.

At Turf Green we can install your backyard artificial putting green and help you with maintenance.

Our Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

Brush the backyard putting green

First things first, brush the green. But before diving into brushing the green, you’ve got to cover the basis — remove leaves, branches, and other visible debris from the putting green. Next, brush the green.

Brushing helps maintain a quality ball roll during gameplay. 

That’s not all…

Brushing keeps the turf intact even after prolonged foot traffic.

To start brushing, you should use a soft rake or a brush tailor-made for synthetic turf. Careful and thorough brushing is highly encouraged. This way, you get to maintain the quality of your putting green.

Use power broom on your backyard putting green

Still on the brushing of your putting green, you’ve got to use a power broom.

Here’s the thing, prolonged foot traffic has a toll on artificial grass blades — the usual blade vibrancy would probably be lost.

With a power broom, you avoid such conditions and keep the grass blades in an upright position.

Rinse the turf on your backyard putting green

After brushing and cleaning off the leaves and debris, you’ve got to rinse the turf to keep the debris from building up.

Rinsing keeps the debris from building up and clears out the dirt between the blades of the synthetic turf.

There is zero need for chemical. By merely rinsing the blades, you are pretty much set.

Look out for minor stains on your backyard putting green

A typical synthetic turf is stain-resistant. Therefore, the cleaning up process is relatively straightforward — you get to use eco-friendly soap or vinegar for the cleaning.

Clean after your pets on your backyard putting green

Pets are lovely companions, but they can be a headache. When you notice pet waste on the turf, you should quickly remove it. After cleaning up the area, rinse it!

Ideally, you should always clean up after your pets. This way, you will retain the clean, green surface of the synthetic turf.

Conclusion — keep your backyard putting green clean.

Cleaning your backyard putting green is relatively straightforward — you can do that by merely brushing, rinsing, and using a power broom.

If you are not up for the tedious task that goes into maintaining a putting green, you can hire professionals at Turf green on 07 3823 2003.

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