Everybody enjoys a little me-time in their garden or yard surrounded by fresh air and light. Nothing should be able to stop you from enjoying every moment of your life, even if it is disability or old age. Proper planning and renovation can make anything accessible. That’s why if you are worried that your natural turf is not safe for a wheelchair, then you should opt for artificial or synthetic turf.

Artificial Turf for Wheelchair Users

According to statistics, about 4.4% of people in Australia with a disability use wheelchairs, and over 4.4 million people have some form of disability. Among these, about 44.5% of people with disabilities are aged 65 and over. Therefore, it is necessary to have wheelchair user-friendly lawns and gardens so that outdoor activities are accessible to everyone equally. Here are a few reasons why natural grass causes difficulty for wheelchair users:

  • Using a manual wheelchair on natural turf requires great effort and energy
  • Natural turf can be dangerous when wet and muddy
  • It is time-consuming to maintain a natural turf
  • The wheels get stuck on outdoor surfaces that are too soft

Why Do You Need Artificial Turf for Wheelchair Users?

Natural grass is not a suitable option for wheelchair users. Therefore, artificial turf or grass is becoming a popular replacement. It has become a favourable choice for outdoor spaces. Here is why you should get artificial turf:

  • It does not need maintenance, watering, weeding, or even mowing
  • Suitable for all types of weather and seasons
  • It provides a smooth surface for easy mobility
  • It can withstand frequent wheelchair use because of its robustness
  • Pocket-friendly in the long-run, saving your costs as the years go on
  • A levelled surface which prevents tripping and wheels getting stuck

If you are already keen on renovating your backyard with artificial turf, then there is no better choice than Turf Green. Our professional lawn installers will make sure that your turf is perfectly levelled and user friendly.

Wheelchair User-Friendly Ideas That Goes with Your Artificial Turf

Along with using artificial turf for wheelchairs, you can add a few more features to make mobility even better and easier. Here are a few design changes you can consider with artificial turf for making your yard extra wheelchair-friendly:

Paths: You can add extra-wide paths (at least one meter) with enough turning space for wheelchairs.

Ramps: You can replace the conventional steps that lead to the garden with ramps. To make outdoor spaces more accessible for wheelchairs, install ramps with handrails for extra protection as well.

Seating Area: Since artificial turf gives a smooth, levelled surface, you can add an entire seating area in your garden for everyone.

Why Go for Turf Green?

Artificial turf looks excellent in your outdoor space if it is installed correctly. If you want flawless synthetic turf installed at a reasonable price, feel free to contact Turf Green. You can call us at (07) 3823 2003 to schedule an appointment. We follow all safety guidelines and measures that are required for a hazard-free space.

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