Whether you have an indoor or outdoor badminton court, Turf Green have the perfect range of artificial grasses. Our products are very low maintenance, look amazing all year round, and provide a very safe playing surface. So if you need artificial grass for badminton courts, come to Turf Green—we’ve got just what you’re looking for!

Below we’ve explained why synthetic grass is such a great choice for badminton courts, and what benefits it offers over real grass and PVC sports floors.

Artificial grass for outdoor badminton courts

If you have an outdoor badminton court with natural grass, you’ve no doubt experienced how much wear and tear it can suffer from regular use and extreme weather conditions. Particularly in our Queensland summers, real grass gets cooked by the sun one minute, and then flooded by a torrential downpour the next.

If you prefer the look and feel of real grass compared to PVC surfaces, but don’t want the hassle of maintenance, then our range of artificial grasses are for you. They’re resilient to weather and are almost identical in look and feel to real grass.

Artificial grass for indoor badminton courts

If you own an indoor badminton court, or a complex with several courts, artificial grass is a great option. Obviously you won’t have any weather concerns if you have a roof over your court/s, but our synthetic grasses will also allow you to enjoy that ‘real grass’ experience while indoors.

Our fake grass is also the safest surface to fall on—even more so than PVC.

Benefits of artificial grass on badminton courts

Artificial grass is a very smart choice for all types of badminton courts, and is superior to real grass and PVC.

As a court owner, you’ll relish in its longevity and low maintenance, and your customers will love its soft, safe playing surface.

Our Turf Green artificial grasses are:

  • very low maintenance, saving you time and money
  • made with ‘soft fall’ technology, making them the safest surface to play on
  • almost identical to real grass in look and feel
  • designed and manufactured to last for decades.

Another benefit of using Turf Green’s range of artificial grasses is that you’ll have the best badminton courts in the area. That means you’ll attract more players, and generate more business.

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