synthetic grass for backyard Brisbane
It’s said that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but the only way your lawn is staying green and surviving the unforgiving weather is if it’s artificial grass.

You Won’t Believe It is Not Grass!

When you think of most synthetic grass, unnatural looking plastic might come to mind. Now get that idea out of your head and instead imagine the incredible Turf Green’s carefully chosen high-quality grass made from the best materials giving you the experience of the softest bed of grass without any of the struggles associated with it.

No water? No problem!

Water shortages are something we are well familiar with. If you choose to continue to care for your grass by watering it during droughts, you will be adding to the shortage of water and maybe breaking restrictions.

The best solution to this is to replace the grass with expertly designed synthetic grass that keeps it looking healthy and vigorous for decades, no matter how dry or harsh the weather conditions get.

No bugs or bees…

The fact that Turf Green’s natural-looking grass is synthetic means that it’s free from dirt, rocks, thorns, and insects. This, along with Turf Green’s soft fall surface, makes it much safer to use than traditional grass in areas where children play.

…and no allergies

It might be easy to forget that Turf Green’s synthetic grass is not actually a grass. Still, anyone with allergies will instantly be able to tell the difference when they notice they are not sneezing or wheezing while laying down on a soft patch of grass.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Beauty

The best part of installing artificial grass is that you get natural-looking greenery, without having to deal with any of the upkeep that’s required of natural grass. You can say good-bye to mowing the lawn in the heat, taking out the weeds every week, and high-water bills because of dried grass that would perish without large amounts of water. You can also visit our Turf Cost Calculator to figure out the budget you need for the artificial grass.

How Do We Do It?

All of this might seem too good to be true, and you might be wondering, ‘How does Turf Green do it?’

We have decades of experience in installing and supplying the best qualities of synthetic grass for locations ranging from homes to swimming pools to children’s parks and schools.

After the customer chooses the grass they want from our choice, we begin by clearing the initial site and laying down a 65mm bed of porous dust. A layer of top-quality road base is added beneath, in case a deeper filling is needed, so you get the smoothest finish possible. Everything is then compacted to 50mm to ensure a perfect surface. In the end, our grass is laid down and secured with galvanised pins (to keep the rust away), and the fibers are power brushed up.

The reason our final product looks far superior to others on the market is that everything from supply selection to our installation process is carried out impeccably with the finest eye to detail.

Turf Green’s expertly installed artificial grass gives you the luxury of a beautiful lawn without any of the hassle of tending to it. Contact us to find out more about our artificial grass or call 07 3823 2003 to book an appointment.

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