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If appropriately installed, artificial grass will not need much tending to apart from cleaning. In most cases, artificial turf can last an entire lifetime without needing repairs. Still, if an accident does occur, it is essential to remember that the damage is always reparable.

Minor Problems


Weeds are resilient plants that can grow practically anywhere. If your area is already prone to weeds, they can start to grow through the edge of the turf. This is easily fixable by using a commercial chemical weed killer.


Artificial turf is also a stain-resistant and can easily be cleaned with industry strength cleaning supplies without causing any damage to the grass. So, if you spill nail polish or paint on your lawn, you can easily clean it up with the help of paint thinners or removers.

Flattened grass

If heavy objects are placed on your artificial grass for an extended period, it may cause the grass to flatten out. This is a rather undesirable look for a garden, but fortunately, there is a quick solution. You can take a hard-bristle brush and brush the grass upwards and back into place.

When to Call the Experts

1. A loose fit

Grass that develops loose patches or starts to come off on the edges is most probably due to poor installation. This is why it is recommended to use a reliable service when installing your turf. This is not a significant issue, however, and can be fixed easily by using adhesives, turf pins, or landscape staples. Minor rips and tears in the grass caused by sharp objects like a harsh brush can also be fixed easily using the same method.

2. Burns or large rips

No matter how careful you are with your turf, there is always a chance of some unforeseen event taking place. Whether it’s a big storm that results in rips in your grass from the falling branches, or a visitor putting out a cigarette on the grass, that results in a need for repairs, rest assured that it can be easily handled by an experienced professional. This kind of damage is permanent but can be fixed by ‘patching’ up the grass, by replacing the damaged area of the turf with a new piece.

A problem that occurs is that your original turf might have gone out of production since you got it installed or is made in a new way, which causes it to look different. Even if you do find the same grass, the new patch will look a little different in colour and vibrance since it has never been stepped on. You can prepare for an event such as this by saving the leftover pieces of turf during installation to be used later. Another tip is to hide the grass with shrubbery until it fades and becomes less visible.

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