You might be thinking, ‘Really? Artificial grass for dogs?’ It seems counter-intuitive at first to think about laying artificial turf for a dog. That’s because many people simply assume that their dog will enjoy natural grass more—but this isn’t necessarily the case.

We’re willing to bet that your dog will love artificial grass, and we’re pretty sure you will too! There are many benefits for dog owners (and home owners), which is why artificial grass is becoming a very popular option.


Real grass VS artificial grass for dogs

Using real grass for dogs

Real grass can look great—but if you live in Queensland and own a dog, chances are it will only look good for about 5 minutes.

Dogs love to run around in the backyard and dig holes. Add Brisbane’s hot weather to the equation and your natural grass will very likely be a dust bowl in no time. Then throw in a good old-fashioned downpour, and your dog can start mud-wrestling invisible foes.

Once all this happens, your lawn is destroyed, your dog is muddy, and unless you wash them thoroughly, your house is about to be very muddy too. Not ideal.

Using artificial grass for dogs and puppies

Our range of artificial grass looks and feels almost identical to natural grass, but with one big difference: your dog can’t ‘wear it down’ by running around.

Also, your dog won’t be able to eat or destroy it—our grasses are very strong and durable.

Artificial grass is safe for dogs

A major concern for dog owners is whether artificial grass is safe for dogs. At Turf Green, we use a superior range of artificial grasses that are non-toxic and completely safe for dogs. you can even use Artificial grass for puppy training.

What’s more, with artificial grass, you won’t have to spray any pesticides around your yard to treat weeds. So your dog can avoid being exposed to those nasty chemicals as well.

Artificial grass is low maintenance

When you install artificial grass you can wave goodbye to mowing costs and garden maintenance (like weeding and spraying pesticides). Your artificial grass will pay for itself with the amount of money you’ll save over the years.

With artificial grass, your dog and house will become more low maintenance too, as neither will need to be cleaned as often.

Stain-resistant with built-in drainage

At Turf Green, our range of artificial grass is resistant to stains. So if your dog does a wee or a poo on the grass, or decides to drag a dirty bone around for a while, this won’t have any impact on your fake turf.

Also, if your dog does a pee on the grass, drainage is not an issue. Our grasses have built-in drainage technology so that any liquids—urine, rain, soft drinks, alcohol—simply drain off or can be easily washed away with a hose.

Artificial Grass for Dog Kennels

All the benefits mentioned above make artificial grass an ideal option for some dog kennels. There may be areas that get wet and muddy and prevent the dogs from being able to go outside. Using artificial grass may be a solution to increase the dogs outdoor play time.

Artificial grass for dogs that looks and feels like real grass

If you want artificial grass for dogs that looks and feels like real grass—and that your dog will love—contact us at Turf Green.

Or find out more information about our artificial grass installation, our supply and installation calculator