Environmental Benefits of Artificial Turf
Due to our weather and lifestyle, here in Australia, we spend a lot of time outside with friends and family. We’ve also, over recent times, developed more sustainable practices at home to “do our bit” for the environment to continue living the life we do down under.  That is one reason why artificial turf has become the go-to alternative for Aussie backyards; it looks better, it is always green, no hassles, and environmentally friendly.

So, what makes it so environmentally friendly you ask? Here at Turf Green, we delve into the environmental benefits of installing artificial grass at your home or business.

It conserves water.

Artificial turf does not require water. This is by far the greatest benefit to the environment as well as financially to your household. By reducing the amount of water, you are using, you will save time and money in the long run. See more maintenance info here

No carbon emissions.

Air pollution is a global problem. Lawnmowers omit fumes that contribute to carbon emissions. Because artificial grass requires no mowing, it stays in top condition year-round with little maintenance and therefore reduces air pollution.

No fertilisers or pesticides.

Artificial grass is not the ideal place for insects to call home. There will be no need to spray toxic pesticides on the lawn and its, therefore, a cleaner option for the environment.

Like pesticides, there will be no need for fertilisers either! Fertilisers are designed to boost growth and can contain some harsh ingredients that can harm humans, animals, and the environment. You can simply throw them away when you have artificial grass installed in your backyard.

Reduce landfill.

As mentioned, there will be no need to mow your artificial lawn like with real turf. Grass clippings represent some of the largest components of our landfills here in Australia. By not using your mower and hence, no grass clippings, you are reducing landfill, which is fantastic to the environment we love so much here in Australia.

Visual improvement.

Do not forget the fact that what we see around us dramatically affects our attitude and appreciation for outdoor spaces. Artificial grass is always green, lush, cool, and inviting, no matter the climate.

There is no denying artificial grass is perfectly safe for the environment and has many benefits. Even better, all the factors that help the environment also provide health and safety benefits for your family – both humans and our furry companions. And on top of all that, artificial grass gives your lifestyle a boost, too! No mess, no fuss, less expenses, more play time.

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At Turf Green, our premium synthetic grass range is the perfect addition to your home or office. Ranging from 28mm to 38mm, our artificial grasses are just like the real thing. You will love all the benefits of installing artificial turf in your yard by the team at Turf Green with no mowing, little to no maintenance, and no watering, which will save you time and money. Manufactured to blend in with your natural environment. Environmentally friendly, free of lead and cadmium.

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