Artificial grass for Basketball Court

The perfect playing surface for every game of basketball!

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!  With artificial turf, anyone can have the perfect basketball grass court.

From professional stadiums to backyard basketball courts – artificial grass is an amazing solution with many different styles to choose from.

When the court isn’t being played on, it can of course be used for any other purpose.

Why choose artificial grass for my basketball court?

  • Artificial grass offers a stable, non-slip surface which is great for exercise
  • It is non-abrasive, so no carpet burns if you take a tumble
  • It has excellent shock resistance and it is better than bare floor or carpet particularly for high-impact exercise
  • Less maintenance required than real grass
  • Artificial turf is a very cost effective option
  • It looks better than real grass – no bald areas or wet patches
  • Artificial grass is long-lasting and very durable
  • It is very low maintenance and looks great all the time
  • Don’t ever need to water, fertilise, mow or spray
  • Your artificial grass creates a beautiful, green, zen space
  • Artificial turf can be laid undercover, bring the outside in
  • Artificial grass does not die
  • The court can have multiple uses when not being played on

Get in touch with the Turf Green team of experts to ask about artificial grass for your basketball court.

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