Artificial turf for bowling green

The perfect bowling green all year round!

With artificial grass, you can have your own rink at home, or the perfect bowling green/s at your club.

The length of the green is usually between 31-40 metres in the direction of play.  Clubs usually opt for a square green so that games can be played in either direction (for even wear and sun glare avoidance).  Several games can be played at once, dependent of the width of the green.  Each game is played on its own divided portion of the green called a rink, usually 4.3-5.8 metres wide.  Boundary pegs mark out the side boundaries of each rink. Each green has a ditch surrounding it generally 200-380 millimetres wide and 50-200 millimetres deep.

Using artificial grass opens up more game (and hence revenue) possibilities for the club as the turf will not sustain damage from over use.  The big win for clubs is much less maintenance is required to keep the playing surface in A1 condition.  When the artificial grass of the bowling green isn’t being used, it can be used for other purposes.

Why artificial turf is the best option for a bowling green?

  • More use, opens up a bigger market and extra revenue
  • Will not deteriorate with over-use like natural greens
  • Does not require winter spelling and allows all year play
  • May offer more consistent performance than natural greens
  • A lot less water usage
  • Artificial grass has a non-slip surface, therefore less potential accidents
  • No carpet burns if a player does slip as artificial grass is non-abrasive
  • Far less maintenance required to maintain the green than real grass
  • It is a great cost effective alternative
  • There will be no bald patches or wet puddles and it looks better than the real thing
  • It’s long lasting and durable
  • No need to water, fertilise or mow and minimal spraying for weeds
  • It will create a lovely looking bowling green with lots of turf and colour choices
  • Artificial turf can be laid inside as well as outside
  • Artificial grass will not die
  • The bowling green can be used for other purposes when games not happening

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