Artificial grass car park

Grassy Car Parks – green all year round!

Whether a huge indoor or outdoor car park, multi-story or a single driveway – artificial grass can be a great solution for your car parking needs.

Especially in built up areas, having a large area of green turf looks very appealing. The advantages keep coming as the car park could then be used for other functions as well, like markets.

For personal use, having the car parked on artificial grass rather than concrete or rocks is always going to give the front yard much better street appeal, plus its a great place for the kids to play when the car isn’t parked there.

Why should I use artificial grass for my car park?

  • Less maintenance than real grass, which makes artificial grass very cost effective
  • Artificial grass looks amazing, and even looks better than the real thing
  • It is very long-lasting and durable
  • It will look great all year, and requires very little maintenance
  • Never have to mow, water or spray
  • Your artificial grass will not have wet areas or bald patches
  • It creates a lovely green space
  • You can bring the outside in, turf can be laid under cover
  • The artificial grass will not die, no matter how long a car is parked on top of it
  • The space can be used for multiple purposes

Contact Turf Green and the team to see how you can benefit with artificial grass for your car park.

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