Artificial Grass for Gym Brisbane

Gym floors really cop a workout

Most gyms have a really hard, industrial floor surface as they do take quite a hammering.

There is a vast array of equipment in a gym set up including – squat rack, barbells, bench press, incline bench press, hammer strength machine, cables and pulleys, dumbbells, pullup bar, lat pulldown machine, leg extension machine, leg curl machine, hyper extension bench, dipping bars, smith machine, preacher bench, abdominal bench, leg press machine, hack squat machine, calf machine, leg adduction/abduction machine, peck deck machine, indoor cycle bike, kettle bells, wall ball, foam roller, stability ball, cardiovascular machines, treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical machines, upright bikes, stair mills, recumbent exercise bikes, etc.

Many gyms also offer different classes including – aerobics, step aerobics, dance, fitball, self defence, balance, yoga, pilates, circuit training, cross fit, pole fitness, tai chi, etc

What an awesome point of difference if your gym had artificial grass installed for the floor.

For the classes such as yoga, tai chi, pilates – imagine how the participants would appreciate the feeling of being on grass?  How much more relaxing that would be?

For the circuit training, cross fit, self defence and aerobics classes – how much more fun would the class be outside (but inside – on artificial grass, with fans simulating the wind, and murals of trees, etc painted on the walls)?

For the weight circuit – rather than cold hard concrete, you will see peaceful, tranquil grass while pushing the body limits.

Artificial turf is extremely strong and hard wearing, and can easily handle a gym workout.

Benefits of artificial turf

  • long lasting and durable
  • cost effective
  • low maintenance
  • looks great all year round
  • stable, non-slip surface for exercise
  • it’s non-abrasive so you won’t get carpet burns
  • offers better shock resistance and is superior to carpet or bare flooring especially for high impact exercises
  • create a lovely green space without all the hassle of real grass
  • bring the outside in, you can also use other techniques like wall murals, fans, misters, etc
  • offers a much nicer feel than the concrete jungle option
  • creates a calm, peaceful and serene place

Let our team at Turf Green show you how to create an awesome green space at your gym by using artificial turf.

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