artificial grass for model railway

Model Railways look amazing using artificial turf

Whether it is your child’s first train set, your complete railway masterpiece, or the kid’s ride-along model railway you can have that lush, green grass you want without the hassle of having to water, fertilise and trim it constantly.

Artificial grass comes in many styles and varieties.  There is a variety that will be perfect for your model railway to bring the green areas to life.

A small area of artificial grass makes the perfect play mat for kids starting out with their first train set.  It can easily be rolled up after play and put away with the train set.

artificial grass for kids model railway

For more permanent displays and the avid train enthusiast there are many different styles and varieties of artificial grass available to suit your needs whether indoor or outdoor model railway setups.

artificial grass for model railway

artificial grass for model railway

Imagine having to mow all this grass in the picture below. The larger scale ride-along model railways and trains look amazing with perfect artificial turf surrounding the tracks all year round.  No hassles with natural grass dying off in winter, or scorching summer heat that kills the grass if you forget to water for a day. It is such easy maintenance as well.

artificial grass for model railway

Why Model Railways can benefit from artificial grass

  • It requires a lot less maintenance than natural turf –  no fertilising, watering or mowing required
  • It is a very cost effective alternative to natural grass
  • With artificial grass there are no bald or soggy areas which means it looks great 24/7, 365 days a year
  • It is long lasting, very strong and durable
  • Artificial grass creates a beautiful, green, lush area that will not die in our harsh Aussie climate

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