artificial grass for office Brisbane
Artificial grass in an office is currently on trend. Why wouldn’t it be, it is perfect for indoor use.

It is a great cost effective flooring option. It can handle high traffic areas, as it is very durable and long lasting. Artificial grass looks great and it won’t fade. Maintenance is a breeze, just a light rake or blower vac to fluff the blades of grass when required.

So many possibilities …

  • Why not cover the entire office floor area in a lush, green carpet. Bring the outdoors in. Having artificial grass inside creates a cooler and calmer environment for your staff. Calmer equates to less stress, and less stress equates to better productivity. Plus it looks amazing!
  • Create a Chill Out Zone for staff to relax. A special area where your employees can sit on a beanbag and the grass and read a book, play board games, swing from the ceiling or play computer games. A chill out area lets employees relax on their breaks, so when they return to work they are refreshed and ready to go.

  • Adding artificial grass to a dedicated lunch area will let your staff enjoy their lunch in the comfort of air conditioning, but feel like they are at the park outside. Add some picnic tables and voila you have created a beautiful green oasis for your staff to enjoy, or to bring clients for lunch.
  • Give those small, fishbowl, cubicle offices a facelift. Adding artificial grass will make them feel cooler and larger, so meetings in them won’t feel as hot and claustrophobic.

artificial grass for office

  • And if you really want to spoil your employees add a Mini golf zone to the office. Use it for team rewards, competitions, or just chill out time on breaks. Who doesn’t love mini golf!

Contact the team at Turf Green to discuss artificial grass to create a green oasis in your office today.

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