Transform Your Trampoline Area with Artificial Grass Brisbane
Trampolines are a popular backyard piece of equipment for Aussie kids. They give hours of enjoyment whilst getting the kids outside in the fresh air and burning off energy before bedtime.

Trying to maintain grass under and around the trampoline area is a very difficult task indeed. The area under the trampoline matt does not receive much sunshine and therefore the grass tends to suffer. This area usually ends up as just dirt or covered in uncontrolled weeds. In wet weather it can be even worse often ending up as a muddy mess.

There has to be a better solution …. and there is. Artificial grass is perfect for trampolines and kids play areas.

Why is artificial grass great for trampolines?

Artificial grass is a popular alternative and is readily used in pre-schools, playgrounds, childcare centres and schools throughout Australia. It is non toxic and safe for children.

The surface of the artificial grass is certified as soft fall. This basically means the grass surface is impact absorbing and soft and will reduce the risk of injuries if children fall.

Installing artificial turf also means you no longer have to deal with muddy areas after rain or dusty conditions where natural turf refuses to grow.

One of the best features is the low maintenance of artificial grass – no mowing, no watering, no fertilising and very little spraying is required. Just a rake or blower vac to freshen it up once in a while, and a quick spray to control any weeds if any were to try and pop up. It’s durable and long lasting and it looks amazing all year round.

artificial grass for trampoline

Artificial turf is a great option whether you have a traditional trampoline above ground or the newer sunken trampolines that sit at ground level. You don’t need to mow the grass or worry about access underneath the matt ever again. And the best part, the grass looks amazing all year round, rain or shine. It is also great for other play equipment for kids of all ages – slippery slides, cubby houses and swing sets. Create an awesome and safe play area for your kids today.

artificial grass for sunken trampoline
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