Install your own HOLEY MOLEY backyard mini golf

Channel Seven’s brand-new show HOLEY MOLEY took Australia to a whole new level of mini golf competition! Named the most epic mini-golf competition in the world, the series features contestants competing against each other in a series of head-to-head, sudden-death matchups on a supersized miniature golf obstacle course. Join the mini golf revolution and install your own HOLEY MOLEY mini golf experience at home in the backyard or at the office. Using our top quality artificial turf we can design and install a wonderful outdoor putting green that will make you feel just like you’re at the course.


Mini Golf is FUN for everyone!

Installing a backyard mini golf course at home has many benefits including:

  1. Low Maintenance – Our backyard putting greens are made from premium synthetic turf that requires little to no maintenance, so that means less time mowing the grass or travelling to the course and more time perfecting your putting stroke.
  2. Adds value to your property – A putting green can add immense value to your house. It can serve as an added luxury to your house.
  3. Saves on water – The grass is waterless which makes it completely durable the entire year. You can use the putting green in any weather condition. It will not wear out in any season.
  4. Exercise for Kids and Adults – You can teach golf to your kids and develop their interest in the game. In this way, they will stay close to nature and will remain fresh. Besides, their body will also get the exercise it needs and deserves.
  5. Fun for Everyone – A putting green can also serve a purpose if someone in your home plays golf but does not have time to go to clubs. Home-based golf exercises will help maintain skills with regular practices.

Mini Golf Fun in No Time

With our team of experts you’ll receive end to end service from design and landscaping to installation of your own HOLEY MOLEY mini golf course at home.

Tired concrete areas and balconies can be transformed to a usable space with a putting green and seating.

Be the envy of all your friends, and by improving your opportunity to practice your short game, you’ll be shooting low scores on the course as well.

For more information about mini golf putting grass and artificial putting green installation drop us a line today.


Ready to play Mini Golf at Home

Our expert installation team will prepare your surface and install a ready to play putting green in no time. Your office, balcony or home putting green will require very little maintenance once it’s installed. With many designs and features to chose from,

For more information about putting grass and artificial putting green installation drop us a line today.