One major concern when building an outdoor playground is deciding which grass to use. Should you use real grass? Or is synthetic grass the way to go? And if so, who to purchase from?

Whether the project is residential or commercial for a public playground or childcare centre, Turf Green are experts in synthetic grass and its benefits. We know how to lay it, what its benefits are and how it can keep children happy for years to come.

Reasons synthetic grass is the absolute ideal solution for outdoor playgrounds

Safe to Fall On

Kids are supposed to have fun. They’re supposed to run around and play games and…well…fall a lot! This can lead to scraped knees, bandages and tears. In fact, studies have shown that up to 80% of all playground injuries are caused by falling. Turf Green’s synthetic grass is softer and more shock absorbent than real grass, meaning the little ones can play more and get hurt less!


With no soil required for synthetic grass, it makes it a lot cleaner for children to play on. Gone are the days of kids getting covered in mud and having to take three showers just to get clean! Our synthetic grass allows children to play again and again without picking up dirt.


Choosing synthetic grass is the healthier choice for children. Natural grass needs to be maintained with chemicals which can be detrimental to health. Our synthetic grass is non-toxic with no need for any additional substances to be added, keeping kids safe and healthy.

Saves Money on Water

Grass needs water. That’s pretty obvious. But where does it come from and who pays for it? During those dry months, bills can increase due to the amount of water required to maintain green spaces. With synthetic grass, this isn’t a problem. It requires zero water, making it the ideal solution.

Low Maintenance

Synthetic grass also needs very little maintenance. Other than removing some larger pieces of debris such as wrappers and leaves, there’s pretty much nothing to do. And there’s no need to worry about stones or other sharp objects commonly found in the ground.

Turf Green

But maybe the best reason of all to get synthetic grass is…US! At Turf Green we are experts at laying synthetic grass around playgrounds no matter what the setting. Get in touch with us today to discuss!