artificial grass for garage Brisbane

A garage plus a hidden green oasis

Grass in a garage? Is that even a thing?

Installing artificial grass as a floor in a garage creates a wonderful green space that can be utilised for many other purposes.  It can be installed easily over concrete, pavers or tiles.

Block sizes these days are generally getting smaller, which means less natural grass and outside areas on the block of land as most of the area will be taken up with the home itself.  Having a hidden green zone in your garage can give you that outside feel when needed, just by parking the cars outside for that period of time.

To complete the look and create a lovely, natural, green oasis by placing some flower boxes and pot plants to your concrete jungle.

What could you use that green space for?

Here are some great ideas

  • A kids play area during the day when the car isn’t home – you might not have a playroom or rumpus room in the home, but the garage can have this dual purpose during the day.
  • An “outside” play area for the kids that will never be affected by the weather – days of rain does not need to affect the kids playtime, just move the cars outside to get a free wash in the rain.
  • A great area to entertain and host dinner parties – set up some mood lighting in the garage and bring the dining table and chairs in for the night, leave the garage door open to allow air flow and access to outside.
  • Create a romantic picnic and movie night – bring the tv, beanbags and picnic basket in, watch a movie while enjoying a lovely picnic on the grass.
  • Many people also use the garage as a gym. How much nicer would it be to work out on grass rather than cold, hard concrete?
  • Other dual uses for the garage area could be artist studio, home office or music room set up in one section of the garage.  Artificial grass instead of concrete on the floor turns the space into a completely different zone.

Why should I install artificial grass in my garage?

  • A much nicer floor covering than cold, hard concrete
  • It looks amazing, it’s durable and long-lasting
  • It requires very little maintenance
  • Won’t ever need to water, weed, mow or spray
  • It will create a lovely green zone for your home
  • Let’s you use the garage for other purposes
  • Brings the outdoors in, and can be used as an outdoor area when you have no other space
  • No matter how long cars are parked on the artificial grass it will not die

Get in touch with the Turf Green team today to see how artificial grass could be a great solution for your garage.

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