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The perfect resting place, lush grass all year round and low maintenance!

Choosing the final resting place for a loved one is never an easy process.  After the funeral, you then need to organise the gravestone for the gravesite and keep it looking great.

Most gravesites are lawn graves and there will be a headstone or marker to identify who was buried at that gravesite.  The groundskeepers mow the grass over the gravesites and keep the cemetery looking beautiful for everyone visiting loved ones.

If you have chosen a grave with curb (a low border usually stone or concrete surrounding the grave site) or raised grave for your loved one, then artificial grass may be a good covering option for the grave site.  Historically having a low fence around the grave site was also popular, but most cemeteries today do not permit this as it creates an obstacle for the groundskeepers to maintain the cemetery’s grounds.

artificial grass grave

Why use artificial grass for a gravesite?

  • By far the biggest reason would be very low maintenance is required to keep the grass looking perfect all year round.  Visitation rates to graves generally decrease as the years go by after someone passes.  If you are not visiting the gravesite, then you are not tidying up and keeping it looking great.
  • Artificial grass always looks good, it can even look better than real grass (especially during times of drought)
  • If you or your loved one loves nature, then grass may be preferred over cement or stones to cover the gravesite
  • Artificial turf is durable and lasts a long time
  • You will never need to mow, weed or water the gravesite

Contact the professionals at Turf Green to talk about artificial grass on your loved one’s grave or for your whole cemetery.

artificial grass grave

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