Uses for Artificial Grass brisbane
In Queensland, we have seen a sharp increase in homeowners installing artificial grass due to it’s low maintenance, always green and cost and time effective benefits (no watering = money savings!).

Due to our ongoing drought conditions, the appeal of a lush green lawn has many homeowners in Queensland contacting us here at Turf Green to discuss the other ways to use artificial grass in their home.

7 Uses for Artificial Grass in 2022 by Homeowners

Here are 7 places homeowners commonly use artificial grass in residential settings.

1. Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

Many dog owners will understand the frustrations of trying to maintain a real lawn with their furry friend running about.

Brown patches of grass unfortunately don’t make for a lawn that is particularly pleasing on the eye. Throw in some muddy paws and mess, especially after heavy rainfall can turn your real lawn into mud bath.

For these reasons and more, many dog owners are turning to artificial grass as the solution to their problems. With a free draining artificial grass installation, it creates a much healthier environment for dogs to play in and less maintenance for the owners.

Artificial turf mats are great for toilet training puppies too. These turf off-cuts are available in all shapes and sizes from our Brisbane warehouse.

2. Playground Areas

Just like schoolyards, public playgrounds get a lot of foot traffic, and often the natural grass just can’t cope. This combined with the hot sun and drenching rain we’re accustomed to in Brisbane, means that playground areas can easily turn to big dust bowls or muddy nightmares.

Some local councils opt for tanbark or woodchips to cover the dirt ground, but there are great advantages to choosing playground artificial turf.

Artificial grass from Turf Green will help reduce injuries in the playground and the need for incident reports. That’s because we use ‘soft fall’ technology on all our grasses. So when a child falls, they land on the safest and softest possible surface—even better than real grass.

3. Backyard Sports Fields

Homeowners choose artificial grass for backyard sports fields, such as soccer and cricket, for several reasons. For one, synthetic grass provides a level playing field with lower risk of tripping when compared to natural grass. It is easier to care for, does not get muddy after rain and is ready for a pick-up game at a moment’s notice. Our grasses are also made to drain naturally, so the surface won’t be slippery.

4. Backyard Putting Greens

Both residential and commercial putting greens are often seen with artificial grass, which provides an easy-care, level playing surface that is always ready for some practice swings. There is no need to wait days for the soil to dry after it rains and no worrying about tracking mud and grass into the house after practice.

Using synthetic turf for a backyard putting green also gives you more flexibility for where you can fit your practice area. Ugly concrete areas and balconies can be transformed to a usable space with a green and seating.

5. Outdoor Entertaining Areas

As with other uses for artificial turf, homeowners are choosing it for outdoor entertaining or BBQ areas for its durability and visual appeal. Without ever having to push a mower or maintain an irrigation system, you can have an inviting, green lawn that will provide both a foundation and a focal point for outdoor entertaining.

An artificial grass lawn can withstand lots of traffic and provides the perfect place for everything from an afternoon tea party to a backyard movie night.

6. Pool Areas

Everyone wants their pool area to make a splash. Landscaping around your pool with artificial turf allows you to have the look and feel of a natural grass lawn without worrying about dirt getting in the pool, pool chemicals killing your lawn or wet feet picking up blades of grass to track into your house.

Normal grass will lose traction and turn to slippery mud over time, and while concrete and sandstone is popular, it doesn’t create the same atmosphere of pool-side paradise that a huge swathe of green grass can. Even just a thin strip around the perimeter can look fantastic and offer much better grip under foot.

7. Balcony surfaces

If you prefer an inner-city balcony instead of a big open backyard in the suburbs, there’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy a bit of greenery in your scenery. Artificial turf makes for a fantastic balcony surface. It can be easily cut to fit the dimensions of any space, it’s soft under foot, it’s low maintenance and simple to clean, and with a few carefully placed pot plants or flower boxes, you can bring a refreshing burst of nature back into the concrete jungle.

The list is endless on how to use artificial grass at home

There are modern synthetic lawn options to suit every application, from light residential traffic areas to the hardest punishment that a sporting club or school can dish out. And unlike the old style synthetic turf, you won’t get grazes, scratches or carpet burns from our grass. It is soft underfoot, yet long-wearing.

  • Synthetic turf can last for decades.
  • Super low maintenance – all you need is a broom to periodically lift the pile and to remove any leaf litter that may accumulate.
  • No mowing – no watering – no weeding – no bindiis- no hassle!
  • Ideal for high traffic areas or for areas where there is extensive shade or where traditional turf lawns just won’t grow.
  • Perfect around pool areas or for seaside living – great drainage qualities and can help reduce slips and falls on wet surfaces.
  • Complies with requirements for “soft fall” surfaces when placed around playground equipment or areas where kids run.
  • Drought proof.

Where to buy artificial grass in Queensland

Turf Green is proudly Queensland owned and operated. We can supply and deliver our range of quality artificial turf and consumables for those keen to DIY. Check out our Calculator for costs and delivery to your area. We deliver all across the Brisbane area, down to the Gold Coast and up to the Sunshine Coast.

Call us or email us for a competitive quote for quality artificial turf in SE QLD.