We are a leading distributor of environmental tools in Australia

Turf Green is the leading distributor of environmental measurement tools in Australia. We offer the best environment measurement tools in a wide variety of fields ranging from instruments to measure soil fertility to pest control.

As one of the largest distributors of environment measurement tools in the country, we offer a range of tools from leading brands, including the big names like Spectrum Technologies, Mati Industries, Davis Instruments and Heron Electric.

Our product range includes thermometers, light meters, solar meters, sound level meters, thermo-anemometers. We understand that workplace and home safety standards have to be complied with; therefore, these products are fully compliant with the required federal and industrial quality standards and best practices.

Turf Green offers a wide variety of tools and instruments that are reliable to gather information about the quality of the environment.

Environmental Management Tools Available

From soil detectors to barometers – we have everything. We also have dust measuring devices, which are useful in arid or semi-arid places. Apart from this, we also have a wide variety of light measuring sensors and detectors that are useful for measuring the sunlight’s density and frequency and allows you to design and construct glass buildings in accordance with the collected data.

Moisture Testing Tools

Turf Green also has a large stock of moisture measuring tools that allow you to measure the moisture in the environment. It is useful, especially if you’re constructing something in and around a beach. We also have a diverse range of sound measuring devices as well as temperature sensors. These devices are used when you survey the environment for a wide variety of reasons. For instance, recently, the demand for the temperature sensors rose drastically, due to the forest fires in the country.

Free irrigation quotes with Turf Green

Turf Green are based in Capalaba, Brisbane and service customers in all industries including agriculture, industrial, sporting turf and residential.

We stock a range of environment quality instruments, which are readily available per your needs. If you require bulk quantities, we will work with our partners to meet any product and quantity requirements.

Our motto is to facilitate you with our best efforts. We provide nothing but the best service in town.

Turf Green provides a no obligation, free on-site quotes for all products and services. Please call the team at Turf Green today.