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Having beautiful green grass at home where your children can play and your pets run free, is nearly every family’s dream. But before that dream is realised, you have to choose the best quality turf and most suitable to be used for your lawn and climate.

For many people, grass is grass and it’s as simple as that, but grass does so much more. Unlike hard and paved surfaces such as concrete that trap heat, lawn grass helps:

  • reduce temperatures,
  • clean the air
  • reduce erosion from stormwater runoff
  • improve soil quality
  • sequester carbon
  • to decrease noise pollution

Types of Grass

The type of grass you will select for your lawn is a critical decision to make, as different lawn types behave differently in certain weather conditions and react differently to various levels of traffic and use.

Choosing the right type of grass for your location and climate will save you money in the long run.

Here are a few things to be considered when selecting grass for your lawn:

  • The foot traffic your lawn gets.
  • The climate in your region.
  • The type of soil you have.

After understanding your site, its needs and yours, it’s time to ask yourself another question, will you use seed or instant turf? A considerable amount of soil preparation is required whether you choose to sow seed or lay instant turf rolls. Choosing a seeded lawn will involve lower initial costs but will require more care during establishment and will take a while before it could be put to use.

Turf rolls, however, are fast and easy to install, can be walked on in as little as a week and require less maintenance. They do however involve higher initial costs.

Once you’ve chosen your best installation pathway it’s time to do some research about turf varieties. You need to ensure you’re looking at information that applies to your location and climate zone. Here are a few more things to consider in choosing the right grass type:

  • Choose from one of the varieties that grows well near where you live.
  • As mentioned, the seeded lawn will require more care, so make sure to consider how much time and effort your lawn will need.

A few lawn varieties you should consider

a) Soft-leaved Buffalo – one of the most popular grass types in Australia today and is ideal for yards with high family use.

b) Queensland Blue – best for warm, humid and coastal areas as it can tolerate dry and wet conditions very well.

c) Couch – this grass gives a formal look but could require annual top-dressing.

d) Zoysia – does well in most conditions including high heat, humidity and requires low water and maintenance.

e) Kikuyu – is budget-friendly but is high maintenance as it requires frequent mowing.

Artificial options

If you chose to go with an artificial turf option, our natural looking products provide great comfort and durability. They are made from state-of-the-art materials that will stand the test of time, even in high traffic areas. The multi-tonal yarn gives this product the appearance of real grass like couch grass, providing an attractive, neat and hassle-free alternative at a competitive price.

If you’re serious about your lawn area, this product is the best on the market! It is extremely soft with an extremely high stitch rate that makes it the thickest on the market. This product is a multi-tonal yarn and manufactured to and exceeds all Australian specifications; it comes with an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Still need help choosing the right product for you? Contact the turf specialists at Turf Green today.

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