Garden Irrigation Systems

A great garden needs water to thrive. 70% of all garden and lawn success comes from the correct watering systems and drainage. Turf Green design and install domestic and small commercial sprinkler systems including micro-irrigation systems and drip feed irrigation systems for Brisbane and Gold Coast gardens.

Drip feed water irrigation

Is an effective way to get water to the roots of the plant, while keeping the leaves dry, which reduces plant disease and fungus in our humid Brisbane climate.

Micro-irrigation water systems

Deliver water to where it is needed most, without overspray or wastage of water.

We can also create fully automatic sprinkler irrigation systems to take the guesswork out of watering your garden, including rain and moisture sensors to turn off your irrigation sprinkler system when the soil is damp, preventing overwatering.

These systems reduce the time needed to maintain your garden, reduce water wastage and helps promote lush growth.

And if your garden irrigation systems need a repair or adjustment, Turf Green can help you with that as well. We can even connect your water irrigation system to your new tank or other water sources.

Save Money with Garden Irrigation

Call us or drop us a line for a competitive quote for your next landscaping irrigation project.