Add Income to Your Business with a Mini Golf Course

If you’re looking for a way to add a great extra revenue stream to your business, installing a mini golf course or putt putt course is an excellent option. The whole family can enjoy an afternoon or evening at a mini golf course for less than a night at the cinema, which explains why mini golf is having a big resurgence in Australia, fast becoming a significant part of the family entertainment industry.

Here at Turf Green we are able to provide an end to end service for the design and installation of your miniature golf course. See more info on our Mini Golf Course Designs and Installations

Mini Golf Course Design


Our custom mini golf courses are built with our premium synthetic turf, meaning that there is little maintenance required to keep a course looking great all year round. Regardless of the size or complexity of the course you are looking to have built, we can create a completely unique solution for your business.

Design and Installation

With our team you will receive an end to end service, from design and landscaping to installation of your mini golf course or putting green. We work alongside one of Australia’s top golf course designers Richard Chamberlain, who has over 25 years of experience designing world class golf courses, greens and mini golf courses. Richard is experienced in using cutting edge CAD technology to design courses, and has experience all over Australia as well as internationally.

Our mini golf course designs are not the run of the mill, flat boring putt putt styles. We custom design and install courses with unique and interesting topography that features products like stone, rock, water features and unique landscaping. The high quality synthetic grass that we use for mini golf courses can be designed to match any shape, size and style you desire, giving you the perfect fit for your venue.

Revolutionize your existing business

With such great revenue generating potential, a mini golf course could revolutionize your existing business, or be a fantastic opportunity for a brand new venture. If you’re interested in installing a world class mini golf course, drop us a line today.