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Everything needs water to survive including your home garden. To really be successful with your lawn and garden you need the correct drainage and watering systems. Drip feed irrigation is a great investment as to gets water to the roots and keeps leaves dry. This helps to reduce fungus and plant disease common in Brisbane’s humid climate.

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Drip irrigation systems bring water at lower pressure to the plant and tree base. The water is brought by holes in a tube. The tube is strategically placed throughout your home garden for the water to seep into the soil slowly.

Investing in a home irrigation system means you don’t have to think about watering your garden. It includes moisture and rain sensors to turn off your home irrigation system when there is damp soil, preventing overwatering. These systems reduce water waste and maintenance time.  They also help to promote lush growth.

Top benefits of a backyard drip irrigation system


Everyone is busy these days. But those jobs around the house don’t go away. For days where time is of the essence, a drip irrigation system can help. By setting the automatic timers you can get the best results for your garden climate.

Save on your water bills

An irrigation system, means less water is needed for garden maintenance.  Every special drop of water is delivered exactly where it is needed. This saves on surface water loss. The water is delivered direct to where it’s needed most, the roots.

Save money with a home irrigation system

An irrigation system is a great investment for your home garden. Yes, there is an initial cost. But over time you can save a large amount of money by using automatic timers and rain sensors. This means more money saved for more pressing needs.

Reduce the amount of weeds with a home irrigation system

Hallelujah! This must be the best benefit of them all. Because the water is delivered directly to the plants that you want to thrive the others cannot. So you get to choose. Remember that some “weeds” are wildflowers that are great for the bees. But you get to choose where they grow.

A beautiful low maintenance garden to enjoy

home irrigationInvesting in a drip irrigation system will give your garden ideal conditions to thrive. It will deliver a low-pressure spread of your water to the areas of your garden that are most important.

Turf Green design and install domestic and small commercial sprinkler systems including micro-irrigation systems and drip feed irrigation systems for Brisbane and Gold Coast gardens. And if your garden irrigation systems need a repair or adjustment, Turf Green can help you with that as well. We can even connect your water irrigation system to your new tank or other water sources.

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