Irrigation Audit Brisbane
Every Australian knows water is a precious commodity, and water conservation is not only an environmental concern, but a critical factor in effective business management. It is crucial to evaluate your landscape and conduct an irrigation audit to estimate the amount of water your land requires.

Efficient water management is not just part of potential sustainability and business resilience practices, if managed correctly, large savings can be seen both through reductions in leaks as well and general maintenance and repair. A water audit is the first will help in assessing your needs and making sure that water is used optimally.

Certified professional landscape auditors mostly conduct irrigation audits. It is also essential to know the steps required in water audits and understand the water management systems for your landscape.

What is an irrigation audit?

Stage 1

The first step of a water audit is an evaluation of landscape and irrigation systems by a professional auditor. The auditor will conduct a site evaluation and assess whether there is a potential to conserve water. The audit will also include an inspection of your irrigation systems to check if the equipment is operating properly and efficiently. This includes checking your controllers, valves, sprinklers for possible leaks or malfunctions.

Once the functions of equipment are adequately assessed and fixed, the first stage of evaluation is complete. At times, this brief audit is enough to check for water management efficiency.

Stage 2

Stage two of the audit requires the use of more quantitative data collection and measurements. At this stage, the auditor evaluates the amount of water being delivered in the landscape.

Catching devices are used to evaluate irrigation efficiency, recording the amount of water used during a timed interval. The evaluation data will also include measurements of nozzle pressures, root rotation periods, typical root depth, and upwind and downwind distances.

Once the data is collected and calculated to see the capability of the delivery of irrigation systems and actual precipitation rates, it is analyzed to determine the efficiency of your irrigation systems.


This data will help the auditor make a report with a suggested irrigation schedule to optimise the use of water and make sure that your irrigation systems work at peak efficiency. The schedule will vary based on different seasons as precipitation rates change. Your auditor will help you understand how much water is needed to keep your plants lush and healthy, and when an upgrade of the system is required. These intervention strategies included in the report will help you make sure that you get the best results and a greener landscape with minimal costs and increased profits.You can also use water audits to build your reputation as providing eco-friendly services.

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