TurfGreen Care and Warranty Guide

Four Simple Steps for TurfGreen Care and Warranty Guide

Turfgreen Care and Maintenance Guide

1. General Care Rules

You have made a substantial investment in your new surface so to maximize its life and performance, please follow the basic housekeeping instructions below:
  • Keep the surface clean.
  • Keep heavy machinery and loads off it (particularly when wet).
  • A Turf Green approved installer should attend to any minor repairs as soon as possible.
  • If any damage occurs, or if technical advice is needed, please do not hesitate to contact Turf Green.
Your warranty may be void if these General Care Rules are not adhered to.
It is the owners responsibility of the Turf Green surface to read and adhere to the maintenance guidelines that follow. Failure to do so may affect the surface guarantee.
PLEASE NOTE: It is normal for the surface to be slippery underfoot during the first few weeks after installation. This is due to lubricants, which are used in manufacturing process.  

2. Protection Rules

To protect and prolong the life of your Turf Green surface, please take note of the following recommendations:
  • Keep areas around the surface free from litter, mud and debris.
  • Prohibit smoking and chewing gum on the surface.
  • Adhere to recommended load limits.
  • Repair minor damages quickly.
  • Follow Turf Green suggested maintenance and cleaning procedures.
There are some perceptions that synthetic surfaces are maintenance free, as opposed to natural turf that requires intensive maintenance. The reality is that synthetic surfaces do require regular, on-gong maintenance if the integrity of the surface is to be preserved. This guide outlines the essential maintenance required to ensure that all of the surface remains in a good condition for the life of the turf. A crucial tip for maintaining the surface is to do little often, rather than neglecting maintenance procedures for months and then facing large costs to restore the surface to its optimum performance capabilities. Failure to maintain the surface may affect the guarantee. A Turf Green surface needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order for it to provide the best possible characteristics over its lifespan. The surface will respond favorably provided it receives adequate maintenance.