The perfect soccer field for every game!

Artificial turf can give you the perfect playing surface for every game of soccer.  Soccer (or Football) can be played outdoors or indoors.  Artificial grass is a very popular surface for both types of games.

From backyard soccer games to international arenas – artificial grass is an awesome alternative to natural grass for the soccer field and it is available in a multitude of varieties and colours.

The venue can also be used for other purposes when not having soccer played on the pitch without the risk of damage to the playing surface.

Artificial turf is also an ideal playing surface for hockey pitches.

artificial grass for hockey field

Historically, the game of field hockey was played on mainly on natural turf, but today it is predominantly played on artificial grass. Hockey can also be played indoors as well as outdoor venues, and artificial turf is the preferred playing surface for indoor soccer and hockey as well.

Why is artificial turf the best option for soccer and hockey fields?

artificial grass for soccer field Brisbane

  • The artificial grass surface is non-abrasive, so there won’t be the problem of carpet burns when sliding in for tackles or saving that goal
  • Artificial turf provides a stable, non-slip playing surface
  • As artificial turf has great shock resistance it makes it perfect for high-impact sports like hockey and football,
  • It requires less maintenance compared with natural turf
  • Artificial grass is a good cost effective option compared to real grass
  • It continually looks better than natural grass as there are no wet sections or bald areas on the fields
  • It is very durable and will last a very long time
  • The artificial grass will look amazing 24/7
  • You don’t have to water, fertilise or mow the soccer and hockey pitches
  • A lush, green space is created
  • Our scorching Australian summers will not kill the sporting fields
  • Artificial grass gives versatility for the pitch use when not in use for games

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