Playgrounds are so much fun for kids. How often do they beg to be taken to the park? There are swings, slides, seesaws, and climbing forts. The popularity of playgrounds means that those with natural grass often struggle to stay clean and safe play environments for kids. Which is why, at Turf Green, we’ve developed a range of artificial grass that’s ideal to be used as synthetic play turf for playgrounds. (Also known as synthetic play turf or fake grass play turf)

Just like schoolyards, public playgrounds get a lot of foot traffic, and often the natural grass just can’t cope. This combined with the hot sun and drenching rain we’re accustomed to in Brisbane, means that playground areas can easily turn to big dust bowls or muddy nightmares.

Some local councils opt for tanbark or woodchips to cover the dirt ground, but there are great advantages to choosing playground artificial turf.

When natural grass just isn’t enough

We all like the idea of our kids being able to play in ‘all-natural’ play environments with nice healthy grass. But the reality is, most of the time natural grass is just not practical ground coverage for playgrounds in Brisbane. Not only is it not practical, if it turns to dust, kids can get very dirty very quickly.

If there is no natural grass or artificial surface in place, a child is also more likely to get injured when they fall. And if they fall into dirt and scrape their knees or elbows, the wound can become infected.

Benefits of an artificial grass play area for playgrounds

There are many benefits to using artificial grass for playgrounds. In fact, our Turf Green products are superior to natural grass and other artificial surfaces.

Here’s why:

With artificial grass kids can enjoy:

As a local council that is responsible for public playgrounds, you can enjoy:

  • reduced maintenance costs
  • flawless grass coverage all year round
  • less complaints from parents.

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Our artificial grass is the safest for kids

Our artificial grasses are completely safe for kids. They’re made with the best materials and to the highest standards. We only make products what we would be happy to let our kids play on.

This means that all Turf Green grasses are also non-toxic and don’t contain any nasties like heavy metals.

Less injuries with soft fall technology

Kids fall over a lot – it’s part of being a kid and growing up. But there are ways to minimise the impact and damage when they do fall. That’s why we use special soft fall technology for all our synthetic grasses.

So if a child falls over on our synthetic grass play area, they’ve less likely to be injured or hurt, compared to if they landed in dirt, tanbark or woodchips. Our grasses are even safer than natural grass.

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