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Pool areas can get muddy and paving can get hot. When considering a surface material surrounding your swimming pool, you need to weigh up safety, cost and the overall look. So when it comes to ticking all the boxes, no other surface comes close to synthetic grass for pool owners.

Find out more reasons why you should have artificial grass surrounding your swimming pool.

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Prevents slips and falls

Concrete and bricks around your pool can get extremely hot and cause second-degree burns, but they can also become slippery if wet. In the event of a slip and fall, there are serious risks of injury.

Artificial grass is the ideal way to keep everyone at the poolside safe. It may get wet, but the artificial turf will not be as slippery as concrete or bricks. A slip on the artificial turf could keep you or your kids safe.

To protect yourself from the burning hot concrete or bricks around your pool, you will wear shoes. There may be numerous pairs of shoes present in the area, creating tripping hazards. Also, wet shoes may be worn into the house, creating a bigger mess.

Putting artificial grass and swimming pools together is an excellent idea. This prevents slipping and tripping hazards on your deck, so you and your family can spend more time enjoying yourselves.

Maintains cleanliness

It’s in your best interest to add artificial grass around your pool if you want to keep it as clean as possible. You can keep mud, grass blades, and leaves out of the water this way. Moreover, it prevents the entry of these items into your home.

Natural grass is also home to a variety of insects. Puddles in a yard may attract even more insects. More insects around your pool increase your pool’s chances of being infested. Put artificial turf around the pool if you don’t want to spend much time skimming the surface of the water.

Chemically resistant

Keeping a pool clean requires chemicals. Chemicals may kill the natural grass surrounding your pool. Similarly, fertilizers and weed killers you use on your lawn can enter your swimming pool, posing serious health risks.

Chemical resistance is a key characteristic of artificial grass. It also doesn’t require fertilizers or weed killers to look good. Therefore, it is the ideal option for adding to your pool’s deck to keep your pool and people safe.

Enhances drainage

Splashing is inevitable when kids are in the pool. You will end up with water on the deck or your lawn, whether they do cannonballs or try to get you wet. It may not drain properly, causing puddles and mud.

You won’t have to worry about standing water on the pool deck if you install artificial grass around it. Drainage is a key feature of artificial turf. Your kids can enjoy as many cannonballs or water fights as they want.

Appealing to the eye

Over the years, artificial turf has improved significantly. Unlike before, it is no longer a green plastic mat you place around your pool. A modern synthetic lawn can look almost identical to a natural one.

Artificial grass requires less maintenance, so you won’t have to deal with grass clippings or mud. It doesn’t require watering to stay green, either. Also, synthetic turf stays green for the entire year.

Many people prefer artificial grass because it does not require much maintenance and stays green. With having this around, you can spend all the time you want relaxing in and around your pool without any stress. This can enhance the enjoyment of time spent outside.

Can Synthetic Grass Go Near My Pool and What About Pool Chemicals?

At Turf Green our grass range is awesome next to swimming pools as the water does not affect it. Chemicals like chlorine will only damage the artificial grass if they come in direct contact. To install Artificial Grass contact us today or get an online quote.

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