Artificial Grass for Garden Centres and Plant Nurseries
Transforming garden centres or plant nurseries with commercial artificial turf may seem like an unconventional idea, but the numerous advantages it offers can elevate the entire commercial space. Far beyond just aesthetics, artificial turf is a strategic asset, enhancing the overall appeal of the centre while alleviating burdens on staff and optimising water usage.


Could Artificial Turf Be The Right Choice For Your Garden Centre?


Advantages of Artificial Turf

  • Low Maintenance: Artificial turf requires minimal upkeep, offering a consistently manicured appearance without the need for constant mowing and watering.
  • Year-Round Appeal: In contrast to natural grass, artificial turf maintains a consistently lush and vibrant appearance throughout the seasons, contributing to an inviting atmosphere.
  • Durability: Resilient to heavy foot traffic (including the movement of trolleys), artificial turf remains even and attractive, avoiding the wear and tear associated with natural grass. This durability enhances both the aesthetic appeal and overall experience.


Why Would Nurseries Use Artificial Turf?

Nurseries and garden centres stand to gain numerous benefits from the integration of artificial turf:

Ease of Cleaning:

The surface of artificial turf is not only visually appealing but incredibly easy to clean. Unlike natural grass, which can trap dirt, become muddy, and create a messy environment, artificial turf allows for quick and efficient cleaning; it can be as simple as giving it a quick hose down. This ensures a consistently tidy and hygienic space, reflecting positively on the overall experience for both staff and customers.

Comfort for Customers:

The soft and even surface of artificial turf creates a luxurious underfoot experience for customers. As visitors explore the centre, the plush texture provides a level of comfort that natural grass may not offer. This comfort factor encourages customers to leisurely peruse the nursery, fostering a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience.


For customers with mobility challenges or those navigating the space with strollers and wheelchairs, the even surface of artificial turf provides a smooth and obstacle-free path. This inclusivity ensures that all customers can move through the centre with ease, appreciating the diverse offerings without hindrance. This benefit goes even further when considering the use of trolleys by customers, or for staff who may be carrying heavy items; an even surface increases ease of access and safety for everyone.

Visual Appeal:

Maintaining a manicured and green appearance without the challenges of real grass significantly enhances the overall visual appeal of the garden centre. The vibrant and consistently lush greenery of artificial turf serves as an inviting backdrop to the diverse array of plants and products, as opposed to real grass which can struggle in different environments, going brown or patchy in some seasons. This visual harmony contributes to a positive first impression, enticing customers to explore and engage with the offerings of the nursery.


Which Sections of the Centre are Best for Artificial Turf?:

Strategic placement of artificial turf within a garden centre can optimise aesthetics and functionality, offering a range of benefits compared to traditional grass:

  • Between Plant Rows: Artificial turf proves especially advantageous when placed strategically between rows of plants. Not only does it impart a clean and organised aesthetic, but it acts as a barrier, reducing the occurrence of mud and weeds that can arise with natural grass.
  • Greenhouse Flooring: In greenhouses, where maintaining a clean and comfortable environment is paramount, artificial turf creates a visually pleasing backdrop for a diverse range of plants. Moreover, artificial turf is easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic and inviting atmosphere within the greenhouse.
  • Outdoor Seating Areas: Consider incorporating artificial turf in outdoor seating areas to create a welcoming and relaxing space for customers to enjoy the surroundings. The soft texture of artificial turf underfoot enhances the comfort of outdoor seating, providing a pleasant environment for customers to unwind.

Can Garden Centres Sell Fake Grass?

Embracing the retail of artificial turf can not only be a lucrative venture for garden centres and nurseries but also a value-added service for customers seeking attractive, low-maintenance lawn solutions. The good news is that if the nursery already has fake grass installed, this can be used as a great example for selling it as a product, since you can show customers how reliable and vibrant it is!

DIY Landscaping Kits:

To cater to the burgeoning interest in home gardening and landscaping, garden centres can offer artificial turf DIY landscaping kits. These kits provide customers with all the essentials they need to transform their home gardens into low-maintenance havens. By bundling artificial turf with other landscaping elements, such as edging materials and installation guides, garden centres empower customers to take on landscaping projects themselves. This not only taps into the DIY trend but also positions the garden centre as a one-stop destination for all landscaping needs.

Refer to a Turfing Company:

For customers looking for a more personalised and professionally installed artificial turf solution, garden centres can establish partnerships with reputable turfing companies in their area. By referring customers to trusted experts, garden centres ensure that customers receive expert advice, quality products, and seamless installation services. They may even be able to negotiate a referral fee to increase revenue. This collaborative approach enhances customer satisfaction and strengthens the garden centre’s reputation as a reliable source for comprehensive landscaping solutions.

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We encourage garden centres to explore artificial turf’s endless possibilities in transforming their retail spaces. Consider incorporating artificial turf strategically, harnessing its benefits to create a more vibrant, low-maintenance, and customer-friendly environment.

Explore the possibilities of artificial turf by contacting Turf Green in Brisbane today.